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With the vast amount of different media out there vying for your attention I appreciate how daunting a prospect it can be to dive into something new, and doubly so if paying for it is required. I’m sure you’ve tried picking up a book only to find out two chapters in that it’s just not doing it for you, and at that point you’ve basically paid to have your time wasted. This will always be a risk, but I would like to mitigate it.

This is why I’m offering the prologue along with the first three chapters to ‘In The Steps of the Sellsword’ as a free sample. I’m neither interested in disappointing you, nor wasting your time, and I believe this look into my writing style and the story ahead is more than enough for you to determine for yourself whether that’s likely to be the case.

When I find a good book I’m looking at hours of entertainment and when I stumble over a great one it occupies my thoughts for longer still. Maybe my book can do this for you – I certainly hope so!

Download sample chapters here

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