About Javor

Javor Loznica was born November 1988 in what was then known as Yugoslavia. When the war in the Balkans erupted his parents took him and his sister to Denmark, where they arrived in 1992 as refugees. While it hasn’t been proven as such, there are those who claim that his arrival in the Norse Kingdom was just the good luck charm needed for them to win the European Championship that very same year.

He grew up in Copenhagen where his main interests were always of the geekier variety, from video games and miniature painting to dinosaurs and space wizards with laser swords. His love for the fantasy genre in all its forms began like for so many others, with Tolkien, whose works he read and reread countless times. This set into motion a nigh unquenchable thirst for reading, though the idea of ever writing something himself didn’t emerge until his mid-teens, where he found himself unable to let go of one of David Gemmel’s Rigante Novels, reading until dawn.

When at last he put the book aside, much the worse for wear due to the tear-spattered pages, he knew that if ever he could write a story that made someone else feel half as strongly as he did just then, it would be a thing worth pursuing. Of course, teenagers rarely write particularly well, and so that dream was postponed.

Javor attended Roskilde University where he finished his Master’s degree in communication and met his lovely wife. A good friend then (easily) persuaded him to partner up and start a digital marketing company, which launched his career in that field. Through all this there were several false starts at writing the story lingering in the corridors of his mind, and one day the false start was just a start. With monumental support from family and friends he finished his first novel, released in 2022. Today Javor lives with his wife and daughter, enjoys time spent with them and his close friends, continues to work within the field of marketing and manages to find time to spare to work on the next novel.